Past Speaking Engagements

Seattle Film Summit
Event-Day Host. Nicole served as the full-fay emcee and host for film industry executives. She kept the crowd entertained, informed, and on schedule.

Virginia Wine Tourism Conference
Digital Marketing for the Wine Industry. Digital marketing is easier for targeting specific demographics, easier for tracking success, and often more cost effective than traditional advertising. This session provided an in-depth look at digital marketing for the wine industry, including search engine optimization, content creation, social media, email marketing, online advertising, and video marketing.

Mid-Atlantic Small Business Summit
Forming a Marketing Plan. Nicole spoke at the Second Annual Mid-Atlantic Small Business Summit, an event designed to gather small business owners to inform them on industry related problems, help boost their diversified network, and pave the way to success through a spectrum of opportunities.

COO Forum
Social for the B2B. This class-structured meeting focused on the topic of social media and its effective use in the B2B space. This was an interactive, facilitated conversation led by Nicole. The meeting included Q&A and shared digital experiences designed to help members gain insight into effective social media strategies.

NOVA Small Business Management Conference
Marketing Planning and Branding. This lecture was geared toward future and new small business owners. Nicole spoke about creating a marketing plan and tips for launching a brand.

Writer.Ly Pub Camp
Create Your Own Blog Tour. At PubCamp, a one-day writers’ conference in Seattle, Nicole lectured on how to become an “Authorpreneur.” Her talk explored all the nuts and bolts of self publishing.

100 Entrepreneurs Project Class
Sales & Marketing. The 100 Entrepreneurs Foundation sponsors workshops on business and entrepreneurship for wounded veterans and their families post-recovery. This special class focused on sales and marketing, with strategies and information for building businesses. Nicole joined a panel to offer expertise in advertising, traditional marketing, online marketing, and social media.


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