Speak Up: National Day Without Stigma

Today is National Day Without Stigma! I'm sharing some information put together by Active Minds. I hope you'll join in and spread the word... National Day Without Stigma is a program of Active Minds, Inc. that falls during Mental Health Awareness Week (October 5-11, 2014). National Day Without Stigma is part of an ongoing effort … Continue reading Speak Up: National Day Without Stigma


Ashburn Patch Article: Beyond Bullying

You've probably heard that several teenagers around the country have taken their own lives in the past week. Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres are speaking up about bullying and lesbian/gay issues. These are certainly subjects worth discussing, but many people are bullied. Not everyone breaks. Continued on Patch...

Sometimes sanity is a choice.

Storm on the ocean When I was 22 years old, I downed a bottle of Prozac and landed in the mental ward of PG County Hospital. I only spent five days there; but the experience changed the course of my life. A friend of a friend is currently going through some similar issues. She feels … Continue reading Sometimes sanity is a choice.