Ashburn Patch Article: Social Networking Mania

When social networking replaces relationships This morning, a quick read through my Facebook news feed revealed that my first cousin's baby has started walking at nine months; a former co-worker is now engaged; a sister-in-law likes it on the kitchen table (which could be an entire column in itself); and a friend is taking her … Continue reading Ashburn Patch Article: Social Networking Mania


Start a Biz: The Alternative Entrepreneur

This post was originally published on the Sisarina Blog. Thanks to Melanie for supporting my business! I own a business and I don’t work nonstop or sacrifice time with my family. It is not the easiest accomplishment, but you can definitely do it, too. Setting Up a Business My particular business is online marketing. For … Continue reading Start a Biz: The Alternative Entrepreneur

Getting Over Self-Censorship in Blogging

I've had this blog for a little over three years. At first I was Gung-Ho Blog! It was my space to release tension about my marriage, my friends, my job, and my world. I posted pictures of concerts, poetry about domesticity, and personal fears about lumps and careers. Strangers became friends and gave welcome feedback … Continue reading Getting Over Self-Censorship in Blogging

More thoughts

Sometimes I wonder who I am. I had it all figured out by the end of college. I was a Nickie. The people who knew me the best thought I was weird, dependable, and free. I just thought I was finally sane. That’s all I truly cared about. Sanity and friendship and love. Then I … Continue reading More thoughts