Speak Up: National Day Without Stigma

Today is National Day Without Stigma! I'm sharing some information put together by Active Minds. I hope you'll join in and spread the word... National Day Without Stigma is a program of Active Minds, Inc. that falls during Mental Health Awareness Week (October 5-11, 2014). National Day Without Stigma is part of an ongoing effort … Continue reading Speak Up: National Day Without Stigma


Help Spread the Word: National Day Without Stigma

Monday, October 6 is National Day Without Stigma. This is a wonderful idea started by Active Minds, a nonprofit organization that empowers students to speak openly about mental health. I've just stumbled upon this org, and am so glad it exists. As I've mentioned in my book, suicide is now the number two cause of death … Continue reading Help Spread the Word: National Day Without Stigma

Do What Scares You: Publishing My Memoir

Robin Williams committed suicide a few weeks ago and devastated me. I initially thought my reaction was irrational since I knew the man no better than any other schmuck who likes movies. But, I quickly figured out my problem and started writing about it. That writing, coupled with a reinterpretation of pages from my unpublished … Continue reading Do What Scares You: Publishing My Memoir

Lighten Up: Ashburn Patch Article

The serious artist remembers life should be fun. My cousin, Sirena Riley, is a jazz artist. She sings in smoky jazz clubs in London and has a CD circulating the jazz circles of Europe. Critics have lauded her as an up and coming singer with a sunburnt voice and poetic, often confrontational, lyrics. She's a … Continue reading Lighten Up: Ashburn Patch Article

Accepting Change

I’ve been told my Patch column, “A Discerning Eye,” needs to change its subject to all things Mommy. Some people would be annoyed with this. After all, I had a perfectly good column that was enjoying a decent readership - especially since Patch owner, AOL, has done no advertising for its Patch sites. I could … Continue reading Accepting Change

Me-Time: Ashburn Patch Article

It's freakin' cold outside. Freezing rain falls every other day. Work is piling up, and I fondly remember the good old days of two weeks ago when my most pressing issue was whether or not to bring my son's stroller as we traipsed about a Caribbean resort on vacation. Now that I'm back to reality, … Continue reading Me-Time: Ashburn Patch Article

Random Priorities

This morning, I woke up full of promise. I was going to finish writing the chapter summaries for my memoir, begin an SEO keyword analysis for my new client, and review writing posts from my book proposal classmates. I also planned to write a blog post. Each of these tasks is a necessity. Here's what … Continue reading Random Priorities

Giving Thanks: It’s Not Just for the Holidays: Ashburn Patch

The pursuit of happiness is being studied around the world. Britain is even funding a nation-wide survey to assess its population's level of the emotion. Here in America, we've just celebrated a holiday that actually holds a secret to reaching that desired state. Though Thanksgiving is over, perhaps that feeling of gratitude should be continued. … Continue reading Giving Thanks: It’s Not Just for the Holidays: Ashburn Patch

Gratitude: It’s Not Just For Thanksgiving

Last week, I attended the Northern Virginia Business Women’s Conference. All of the speakers were inspiring and enlightening, but one stood out above the others. Carolyn Adams Miller gave a speech on happiness at the end of the day that seemed targeted to me personally. And, maybe you, too. Happiness is a topic that has … Continue reading Gratitude: It’s Not Just For Thanksgiving

Reminder from Rilke

So, I need to remind myself of this verse by Rilke yet again: I beg you… to have patience with everything unresloved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language.  Don't search for the answers, which could not be … Continue reading Reminder from Rilke