Speaking Topics

Nicole can cater her speeches to fit the crowd and desired content. Here is a sampling of presentations:

Changing Paths: How to Switch Your Career Mid-Life
You became an attorney because law school seemed like the next logical academic step. You’re now a business consultant because of the high salary. Whatever the career, whatever the reason, now you want to pursue your dream. As a person who switched from successful marketing agency CEO to award-winning screenwriter, Nicole’s first bit of advice is: Stop calling it a “dream.”

This presentation gives attendees concrete steps for achieving their new professional GOALS. After discussing why you’re not crazy to go after the A+ life, we’ll get into financial preparation, measurable and attainable goal-setting, self-education, networking, using prior-career contacts to boost the new career, and managing the probable crisis of self-identity.


Another Kind of Free: Breaking Through Depression to Enjoy a Life Worth Living
In mid-September 2001, recent college graduate and writer, Nicole Skuba, found herself strapped to a hospital bed after a deliberate overdose of Prozac. The previous five years of therapy and antidepressants had done nothing to ease the clinical depression, anxiety, or other diagnoses du jour.

In this heart-tugging presentation, Nicole shares her practical and holistic methods of overcoming mental illness and determining her own route to happiness. The aim of the talk is to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness and to provide doable methods of coping and becoming whole. Methods explored include: traditional therapy and prescriptions, yoga and meditation, specific goal-setting, and mindfulness.


Branding and Marketing in a New Media Environment
Businesses must ask themselves tough branding questions. Defining that specific target audience is critical. Who is your ideal customer? Who are the decision-makers? And, what customers do you NOT want? Identifying your target audience by gender, age, web browsing habits, and more can help businesses refine their marketing endeavors.

This lecture shares insider statistics on audience makeup for social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more, along with business tips for using them. For example, if trying to reach college graduates, 30-64, know that LinkedIn is the only network where ages 30-64 more likely to be users than ages 18-29, and that 50% of college graduates use it. Doing your homework on audience and on social media outlets helps shape branding campaigns. Once you have your ‘why,’ share it with your target audience in the most effective way: social media.