Nicole freely admits that she’s a mom-preneur. Her marketing agency started as a way for her to spend time with her newborn baby. She was on maternity leave in the Spring of 2009 with plans to go back to work as a corporate marketing strategist “in a few months.” She loved marketing, yet wasn’t willing to go back to the 50-hour, chained-to-the-desk, high-stress corporate world.

What started as a personal mission to improve her life has become a company mantra. Work hard, play hard. Newly merged as a powerhouse agency, her company, BlueTreeDigital hires contractors around the world who have two traits in common: work ethics that demand deliverance of the best products to its clients, and a life outside of work.

Balance is crucial. She is striving to build the kind of business that she would have wanted to work for: a place that values high quality workmanship, that respects time away from the office as true downtime, that encourages productivity wherever the wind carries you, and that insists on excellence for its clients.

She is succeeding. Since 2009, her marketing consultant idea has grown from one woman sitting at a desk in her bedroom to a 12-person agency with multiple clients and a growing revenue stream. Check out the BlueTreeDigital website to learn about their unique company.


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