Random Priorities

This morning, I woke up full of promise. I was going to finish writing the chapter summaries for my memoir, begin an SEO keyword analysis for my new client, and review writing posts from my book proposal classmates. I also planned to write a blog post. Each of these tasks is a necessity. Here's what … Continue reading Random Priorities


Cloning Myself …or Tips for Productivity when You’ve Stretched Yourself Too Thin

So, I was thinking I really need to clone myself. Right now, I’d like to have three extra versions of myself, similar to the movie Multiplicty starring Michael Keaton. Cloning Myself Clone One would do all of my online marketing. She’d handle my two contracts, attend networking events, tweet generously on my business account, and … Continue reading Cloning Myself …or Tips for Productivity when You’ve Stretched Yourself Too Thin

Ashburn Patch Article: Social Networking Mania

When social networking replaces relationships This morning, a quick read through my Facebook news feed revealed that my first cousin's baby has started walking at nine months; a former co-worker is now engaged; a sister-in-law likes it on the kitchen table (which could be an entire column in itself); and a friend is taking her … Continue reading Ashburn Patch Article: Social Networking Mania

Start a Biz: The Alternative Entrepreneur

This post was originally published on the Sisarina Blog. Thanks to Melanie for supporting my business! I own a business and I don’t work nonstop or sacrifice time with my family. It is not the easiest accomplishment, but you can definitely do it, too. Setting Up a Business My particular business is online marketing. For … Continue reading Start a Biz: The Alternative Entrepreneur

Getting Over Self-Censorship in Blogging

I've had this blog for a little over three years. At first I was Gung-Ho Blog! It was my space to release tension about my marriage, my friends, my job, and my world. I posted pictures of concerts, poetry about domesticity, and personal fears about lumps and careers. Strangers became friends and gave welcome feedback … Continue reading Getting Over Self-Censorship in Blogging

More thoughts

Sometimes I wonder who I am. I had it all figured out by the end of college. I was a Nickie. The people who knew me the best thought I was weird, dependable, and free. I just thought I was finally sane. That’s all I truly cared about. Sanity and friendship and love. Then I … Continue reading More thoughts