On August 11, 2014, Robin Williams committed suicide. As a survivor of a suicide attempt, this tragedy prompted Nicole to start writing. At first her writing consisted of journal entries and poetry—her coping mechanisms. But, eventually she realized that she had a message she wanted to get into the world: There is a better way for hurting people to be free. Nicole dusted off pages from her unpublished memoir, contacted Difference Press, and got put on the fast track to publish her book, Another Kind of Free: Suicide Prevention in the Wake of Robin Williams’ Death.

Another Kind of Free: Suicide Prevention in the Wake of Robin Williams’ Death

AKoF_cover_webIn mid-September 2001, recent college graduate and writer, Nicole Skuba, found herself strapped to a hospital bed after a deliberate overdose of Prozac. The previous five years of therapy and antidepressants did nothing to ease the bipolar disorder, clinical depression, or other diagnoses du jour.

Another Kind of Free: Suicide Prevention in the Wake of Robin Williams’ Death is part suicide prevention self-help guide, part darkly humorous memoir. After Nicole’s release in five days from the mental ward, she was determined to come up with her own route to happiness.

This memoir shares the excessive drinking, casual sex, manic joy, counseling, yoga, and goal-setting that ultimately led to healing and the beginning of a life worth living. It also illustrates the power that mindfulness-based stress reduction—even when done accidentally—can have in reducing depression and finding balance.

After thirteen years, Nicole is finally sharing her holistic methods of overcoming depression and addiction long-term with the hope of preventing at least one person from taking his or her life. This is especially important in the wake of Robin Williams’ death. The charismatic actor gave us laughter, inspiration, and the ability to embrace the absurd. With his suicide, he also left an unintended legacy: permission to end anguish with the same permanent decision he made.

Another Kind of Free: Suicide Prevention in the Wake of Robin Williams’ Death is a quick read aiming to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness and to provide an alternate, doable method of becoming “free” from mental illness. Sufferers and their family members will find Nicole’s memoir to be an entertaining chronicle of valuable, attainable information.

Another Kind of Free: Suicide Prevention in the Wake of Robin Williams' Death

(Reviewers, please contact us at Nicole @ to receive the password to download a free digital copy of the book. Thanks!)


6 thoughts on “Memoir

  1. Nicole – this is FANTASTIC!!!!! Can’t wait to read the whole thing. Congratulations on this AND your soon-to-be- adorable second child. YOU rock!!

  2. Nicole, I ran into you on Query Tracker and was immediately intrigues by the comments made (by agents) about your book: “Great title” “Hackneyed topic” So, I found your blog to see if I could find out the name of the memoir, which I did. And, yes, it is a great title. BTW, who are the purple people?

    Th second comment, where a couple agents said they were burned out on your topic, also interested me.
    To me, this topic is always timely and people want to read about it. I think if you just keep plugging away, you’ll find an agent to take you on. You are really a good writer, so obviously that’s not the problem. Good luck.

    I too have written a memoir and will be starting the query process very soon.

    1. Hi there!
      Thank you so much for your words of inspiration! You have great timing; I needed the push to keep going. You have no idea how much your nudge means to me. Good luck with your own memoir!

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