Help Spread the Word: National Day Without Stigma

National Day Without StigmaMonday, October 6 is National Day Without Stigma. This is a wonderful idea started by Active Minds, a nonprofit organization that empowers students to speak openly about mental health. I’ve just stumbled upon this org, and am so glad it exists. As I’ve mentioned in my book, suicide is now the number two cause of death among Americans aged 15-34. We’ve got to speak up more and get people help.

According to Active Minds…

The objective of National Day Without Stigma is to eliminate the shame and discrimination surrounding mental health disorders by creating communities of understanding, support, and help-seeking.

I’m joining the cause and giving away Another Kind of Free: Suicide Prevention in the Wake of Robin Williams’ Death for free from today through October 6. Will you help spread the word by picking up a copy on Amazon and leaving a quick review?


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