Do What Scares You: Publishing My Memoir

AKoF_cover_webRobin Williams committed suicide a few weeks ago and devastated me. I initially thought my reaction was irrational since I knew the man no better than any other schmuck who likes movies. But, I quickly figured out my problem and started writing about it.

That writing, coupled with a reinterpretation of pages from my unpublished memoir, is going to be published soon. To be honest, I am scared shitless of releasing this. As an introvert, I tend to safeguard my true self behind a public mask. I’m publishing this memoir of my messy struggles anyway because I think it’s time we open up to the realities of mental illness so people don’t hurt alone. Countless people have survived mental illness.

The official book description of Another Kind of Free: Suicide Prevention in the Wake of Robin Williams’ Death is available, and the book will be released on September 12, 2014 by Difference Press. It has an ISBN number and a cover already! Holy crap, I’m really doing this. More to come….


3 thoughts on “Do What Scares You: Publishing My Memoir

  1. Thanks! The publishing process is a huge undertaking. I spent a solid year polishing the proposal for my memoir and querying agents in 2010. At that time, it was meant to be a full-length creative nonfiction. First I learned how to create nonfiction proposals through a course with Media Bistro. Then, I queried and learned the fun of the rejection letter. Several agents expressed some interest, but in the end, no one wanted to touch a suicide manuscript.

    Fast forward a few years. I decided to focus on romance writing as my outlet (as Nicole Pouchet, my current handle). But, when Robin Williams died, my memoir kind of shouted that it needed to be heard. I contacted Angela Lauria, head of Difference Press. Her publishing company aims to make the world a better place through books. We both thought the timing is right, so I went through her program to finish my book.

    Google “Difference Press.” She’s a great partner to help you get published.

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