Guilt-Free Self-Care

Llama at the carMy business partner and I went to a business retreat in May 2013. Nine other business owners were there. We all had to state our three-year business goals. Most of the women added “so I can take care of myself without guilt” or something similar to their vision statements. We stuck something about “work / life balance” in our goals too.

And then, we got to work. My business partner and I busted our butts getting our merged business off the ground. I’m proud of the success we had. But, the truth is, we both looked at our work / life goal as a “nice to have,” if you get my drift. We even chatted some time later about how those business owners had yoga studios and wellness centers, so of course they could take care of themselves. We had profits to make!

I should have listened to the signs then. Since then, my health has gone to pot and blah, blah, blah. I’ve got so many physical symptoms of too much stress that I bore myself. The point is, we all need to take care of ourselves. Whether we’ve got kids, full-time jobs, a business, a book, husbands, dogs, wives, or pet rocks, there is something pulling our attention away from the most important thing in the world: our health.

Guilt-free Self-care

So, this is my pledge to myself to practice guilt-free self-care. I applauded, yet secretly thought it was a lofty idea when my fellow business retreat participants said it. Now it’s my #1 goal in 2014. The best way to stick to a goal is to write it down. So here goes.

I pledge to keep these items of guilt-free self-care as priorities in my life. These things make me happy and healthy. And I need to make time for them in my life:

  1. Coloring with my sons
  2. Going on date nights with my husband
  3. Getting massages
  4. Writing my novel(s)
  5. Happy hours with local friends
  6. Long phone calls with far-away friends
  7. Practicing karate
  8. Dancing to funky music
  9. Spontaneous trips to the beach
  10. Long lunch hours
  11. Taking silly pictures

What’s your list?

Happy New Year!


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