Make Writing a Priority

old_books2Almost six months ago I sent my query letter to six agents. I’d finished about fifty pages of the novel,  and a writing instructor told me I should submit before I get too far. She was concerned that there may be very little interest in a Mayan-themed paranormal romance. Two of the six requested the full manuscript. Yay!

So, I started working on my dream. On advice of my instructor, I told the agents that I needed six to eight weeks to “polish” the book. In reality, I started writing like a madwoman. I put my staff on notice that I was writing full-time and needed their help to keep my business going. My family heard the words, “Mommy has to write” on a daily basis. I put off any meeting that wasn’t crucial for two months. In short, I was selfish.

And, the world didn’t fall apart. I’d always thought that if I made writing a priority instead of work or family, everything would suffer. It didn’t. My online marketing business is still thriving. My kids are no worse for knowing their mother has interests. And I FINISHED MY BOOK!

Finishing that book–and now completing five revisions of it–is one of the proudest accomplishments of my life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. So, if you’ve been putting off your writing because life is getting in the way, just stop. Sit down and write. The time will pass whether you follow your dreams or not.


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