Writing 20 Minutes Per Day

I’ve decided to rededicate myself to writing in my blog on a weekly basis. This is probably the seventh time I’ve made this choice in the five years I’ve had this blog. Sheesh! Five years! And, this time I’m coming at it with a different angle.

I’m taking Len Leatherwood’s advice. In her post, The Value of 20 Minutes, she says:

“Knowing that I didn’t have to go more than 20 minutes somehow freed me to write when I otherwise wouldn’t/couldn’t have written at all, and often for much longer than I would have imagined.  So, pick a number of minutes to commit to in your writing – a reasonable number – and see what happens to your resistance.  You might be surprised at the result, especially if you couple that writing with a blog, where people are expecting to see your pieces.  Give it a try.”

I put off writing because there’s always something more pressing to do. Like right now I should be editing my major email consultation project. But, I can devote 20 minutes to writing each day. Hell, though I hate to admit it, I waste 20 minutes each day staring at Facebook.

So, starting today, I am committing to writing a blog post, a scene in my novel, a poem, a Patch column, or something creative – work blog posts count too! – for 20 minutes each day.

You can do it, too!


3 thoughts on “Writing 20 Minutes Per Day

  1. I love this idea!

    I do fine with blog posts, but I’m going to take this advice when it comes to my other writing: my short stories, my novels, my family history memoir, even my poetry… Sometimes I don’t work on them like I should. Hopefully, this twenty-minutes advice will help. Thanks!

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