Christianity is not synonymous with bigotry… Or, Why Chic-Fil-A Sucks

Many hands hold a cross.Chic-Fil-A is closed on Sundays. The organization believes its employees should take the day off for rest and prayer. I think this is great, aside from the fact that I frequently find myself at the Dulles Towne Center Mall’s food court on a Sunday afternoon staring longingly at the darkened Chic-Fil-A storefront.

What’s not so great is Chic-Fil-A’s continued involvement with anti-gay groups. Bloggers and reporters have said the company’s Christian leanings put them in alignment with these anti-LGBT groups. When did Christianity become an acceptable excuse for hatred?

Since the Catholic Church now officially sanctions confessionals through a $2 iPhone app, I think the time for progression is here.

We cannot allow one or two lines in the Bible to dictate how we judge other people. If we are to hold equal importance to every word in the Bible, we must accept rape and slavery. Many bits of scripture can be interpreted in many different ways. The truth is neither these atrocities nor hatred were the teachings of Jesus Christ.

My son will learn how Jesus spent years eagerly exploring the religions of the earth, communing with those different from him including beggars and prostitutes, and spreading His word of peace, responsibility and tolerance. If I have any influence, my son will understand that Jesus’ true teachings were never about exclusion or judgment. They were about love and acceptance.

Chic-Fil-A is just one example of the frequent attempt to explain blatant discrimination with religion. I won’t allow Christianity to be synonymous with hatred, nor will I teach my son such ignorance.

I hope more Christians feel the same way.


2 thoughts on “Christianity is not synonymous with bigotry… Or, Why Chic-Fil-A Sucks

    1. Hi Schumerth,
      Thanks for the comment. It’s not that Chic Fil-A is hateful. It’s the intolerance that gets to me. Many people and organizations use Christianity as an excuse to discriminate. Giving away sandwiches sounds harmless, but Chic Fil-A is making a statement by aligning themselves with homophobic organizations.

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