Accepting Change

I’ve been told my Patch column, “A Discerning Eye,” needs to change its subject to all things Mommy. Some people would be annoyed with this. After all, I had a perfectly good column that was enjoying a decent readership – especially since Patch owner, AOL, has done no advertising for its Patch sites. I could write about whatever struck my fancy. It was a joy writing “A Discerning Eye” each week.

But, unlike most changes, this one didn’t bother me at all. I think I’ve finally learned to look on the bright side of things. After all, I am a mommy. My son just turned two years old and I’ve got lots to vent write about. Patch just gave me a reason to let my column completely slide into an unapologetic mommy blog. That’s not what I ever wanted. But, I’ll deal. Actually, I’m gonna write the hell out of this column!

Very frequently, life presents us with changes in which we have no choice. I guess I could choose to stop writing for Patch, just as people could quit jobs when the tasks morph or divorce partners when they gain weight, but I’ve finally wizened up. I’m learning to let myself be edited a bit.


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