Random Priorities

This morning, I woke up full of promise. I was going to finish writing the chapter summaries for my memoir, begin an SEO keyword analysis for my new client, and review writing posts from my book proposal classmates. I also planned to write a blog post. Each of these tasks is a necessity.

Here’s what I actually accomplished today: I ordered holiday cards for my family and my business, wrote half of the chapter summaries, reached out to contacts for my client, and am now writing that blog post. The blog post is about five hours late. And, I only have about an hour left to get “work” done before I go pick up my son.

What does this tell me? I need to prioritize better. I feel like a broken record here. Prioritize, plan, schedule, blah blah! But, how else am I going to reach my goals?

I’m going to consider more facts before planning my days from now on. My first deliverable to my client isn’t due until “before Christmas.” My book proposal class is over on Wednesday. I’ve got to plan for random administrative tasks like holiday cards that eat their way into my time. So, the days need to be planned with looming deadlines in mind, not just what “should” be done.

Make sense? Of course. Simple? Not really.



2 thoughts on “Random Priorities

  1. I feel your pain and my kids are grown! Well, I just finished a big feature for Business New Hampshire Magazine and realized I haven’t finished my Chapter Summary Revisions. In my opinion, our daily “To Do” lists are entirely too long. I went skiing by starlight last night, but now need to finish those chapter summary revisions. See you at our facebook group. We all have to just keep chipping away.

  2. I think I saw the photo of skiing by starlight on Facebook. It looked fun and soul-enriching. That should definitely stay on the To Do list. Congrats on finishing the feature! That’s quite an accomplishment. I’ve got to look into features, too…

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