Can You See Like This?

My friend, Angela, posted this clip to Facebook and wrote, “If it made me cry I guess I have to share it.” It’s a simple video that can be watched with the sound turned off with the same effect. Watch here:

It’s not a new message, but it made me step outside of myself in a new way. This video moved me to try to be a better person yesterday. I tried to calm down when the minivan cut me off in my neighborhood. I smiled when the pair of old ladies walked down the middle of the street in the parking lot. And, I was patient when a man blocked the entire aisle at the supermarket with his cart turned sideways.

My main reason for this post is that Angela is right. We share so much on the internet – people quitting in ridiculous ways, the latest political outcry, silly cat pictures. I wanted to share something, made by Fellowship Bible Church, that made a positive difference in my life, hopefully permanently.


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