Formula Powered! …Or Breastfeeding Advocates Have Lost Their Damned Minds

The offending onsie from Old Navy

I hate to even add to this debate, but I find myself saying, What the Hell? Select breastfeeding advocates around the nation are banding together to boycott Old Navy for daring to sell a onsie reading “Formula Powered.” Yes, that’s all. It’s a play on Formula One. There’s no derogatory statement against breastfeeding. It doesn’t even advocate formula feeding.

I nursed my kid for fifteen months. I was a lucky cow who had an abundance of milk. My son never drank formula at all. It was awkward at times to find a public place for him to nurse. I had to tote breast pumps with me to business conferences and beg for empty rooms in various venues for privacy to pump. I’m proud of myself for sticking it through.

And, I am not offended by this onsie offering up pride to formula-fed babies. Seriously, ladies of the breastfeeding brigade, use your energies for something useful. Leave Old Navy alone. Let them continue to make affordable, accessible clothing for babies without having to worry about crazy moms getting pissed over absolutely nothing. You’re giving us all a bad name.

I’m embarrassed to have wasted words on this.


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