QotD: Pet Project

Do you have a pet? What kind of pet do you own, and why did you choose it? 
Submitted by Brendz.  

I don't like dogs.  I have three.  Before I met my husband, Matt, he bought a dog, Maximus.  Maximus dug in the yard too much.  He was a lonely puppy.  So, my husband bought him a friend, Turkish.  Maximus stopped digging in the yard becuase he was happy.  But, Turkish digs because he is a Beagle. 

A year later, Matt and I moved in together and decided to buy a kitten.  Unfortunately, Matt is allergic to cats.  So, we decided on a small dog.  The small dog hated Maximus and Turkish.  So, we gave her to my mother and got Trinity, who grew to 70 pounds.

So, now we have Matt's dog, Maximus; Maximus' dog Turkish; and my cat, Trinity.

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