The N-Word Laid to Rest

So, I didn't know that you could bury a word.  But, congrats to the NAACP for trying.  The NAACP had a march or protest or something to put the n-word to rest once and for all.  It would have been great if more people knew about it so that it could have a greater impact.  But, I've got to wonder if this will work.  You can't grab everyone's brains and kill off a word.  It's not like sentencing a person to death.  It still exists.

The more I think about it, the more I think this was a waste of time.  Great that they want to stop using the word.  It's certainly better than "reclaiming" it.  But, it would really be better to just let the word fizzle out instead of bringing so much attention to it.  We all know it's bad at this point.  Just move on and stop saying it.

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