I never played well with others.

So, I just accepted a great new job.  I can finally leave this ridiculous place where my boss and CEO has told me that I need to smile more, change my attitude, and be more likeable for the clients.

I really hate when people tell me to smile.  I’m generally a happy person.  And, when I’m not smiling at work or on the street, I’m probably deep in thought about the state of the world or whether or not I should buy a new pair of shoes.  The person who yells “Smile, honey!” is not cute or helpful.  It’s obnoxious.  And, I can’t believe that I actually found myself in a job where my own supervisor would say this to me.  He also told a co-worker to look at him while he spoke to her.  It’s just time to get the hell out of here before I start to scream.

So, I found a great new job.  And, the day I accepted it (last Thursday), my husband told me that he’s about to have very bad things happen at work and he may no longer have a job.  So, this is the perfect time to get out of this over-priced D.C. suburban hell to which we’ve grown accustomed.  I’ve wanted to move for years.  This is fantastic.

Except that I don’t want to move anymore.  And, I don’t want to give up my great new job.  And, I don’t at all want to move to Pittsburgh where my husband has found his own great new job leads.  We agreed that we’ll have kids soon.  We agreed that it’s best to move somewhere that his job would support us and I could stay home.

And, now, I just want out of this cute little “happily ever after” story.  I love my husband.  It’s been three years and I still love him and want to be with him.  But, I would really like to be selfish right now.

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